Group Shot - 2013

“A game of a lifetime, making friends for a lifetime”

Lauren McCabe – North Vancouver

Sandy has been working with me on my golf game for the last 6 months and I have never felt so confident before! My swing improved greatly even when I had my first lesson which sparked my addiction and love for golf! She can look at your swing and know exactly what changes needs to be made and in minutes you feel you have done a 180.  Not only does she improve your skills but with her positive energy and her love for golf she makes each lesson incredibly fun and leaves you wanting more! You will look forward to every lesson with her and she will make you love the sport more then you ever could have imagined!

Liesel Unger (Baker) – North Vancouver

This past year I was fortunate enough to have my first, official, set of lessons under the instruction of Sandy.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the time on the course.  I clearly have lots to learn but Sandy’s way of making you understand what best suits your “style” was outstanding.  There is such an ease to the way Sandy instructs that I did not once feel any pressure if I didn’t quite get it “right”.  Instruction with humor is Sandy’s technique and it’s a magic combo in my mind.  I will ABSOLUTELY sign up again when the lessons start up in 2015.  I have recommended Sandy to a number of friends who are interested in learning golf and having fun while doing it!  I’m certain once registration opens, spaces will fill up fast!  Thanks so much Sandy for your patience and knowledge of this sport

Wendy Morley – North Vancouver

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my golf lessons with Sandy both at the driving range and, on the course.  She is a patient, caring and informative instructor who understands the game of golf. I’ve found her sessions to be very helpful. If you want your golf game to improve, I’d definitely recommend Sandy!

Jackie Steede – North Vancouver

As an athletic person, I found golf a challenge to gain any consistency in. Sandy understood the mental and physical battle I was having and was/is able to tie in the technical details to give me continued success. We focused on the mental game and technique together, changing how I thought and how my body moved. Sandy knows how to raise the level of a players game and help keep their game improving in a positive and fun environment . Sandy is always looking for ways to educate and improve herself within the game. She is always trying to be a better teacher and better coach. And that’s hard to find.

Boni Randall – North Vancouver

Sandy is an incredible instructor and has made sense of the game of golf for me. During my first lesson she was able to assess my swing and help me to make small changes that made such a difference in my overall game. Sandy is clear in her instruction and so easy to follow.  She breaks her teaching down into basic steps that are easy to understand and can be applied immediately.  Through her instruction I was able to visualize what I needed to do with different shots on the course – she has simplified my game in a way that no other instructor has been able to.